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Thursday, September 28, 2006


That's right. At school today it was BYOB: Bring Your Own Banana. What is this "bring your own banana?" you ask? Well, if one would bring a banana to school and take it to the cafeteria during their spare, the student council would make that individual a free banana split. It was awesome!

So this is actually an update because some of you have been disturbing me and sending me death threats via email about updating. But not really. But what the heck, why not update? Things are going well here. The first three weeks of school have gone very smoothly; I am getting along well with my teachers and classmates, and so far I am doing well academically. I have met some cool people that I hang out with. We played Dutch Blitz over the lunch hour today. Sah-Wheet! While we at banana splits. Double Sah-Wheet! I also went to visit my guidance cousellor, and I switched Gr. 12 Law for Gr. 12 Biology. I decided to see about doing this a few weeks ago for the sake of keeping my University and College options open to me, rather than being stuck because of my sole arts focus. If you want more details about my academics, talk to me, or give me a call.

The martial arts are going well. I have only been able to make two classes during the week, then fighter's class on Sunday nights. Otherwise I have been homeworking or CanadianTireworking. Unfortunately, I am getting no exercise outside of Muay Thai and biking to school every day. Because of my schedule, I do not get in to the gym at all to work out, so I have not continued my membership. I feel incredibly out of shape. I could try to get up earlier every morning, but I honestly don't think that I would be able to pay attention at 1 o'clock in the afternoon had I been awake for the last eight hours. Sometime this year I would love to compete MMA, but I'm not sure when I will pursue that. We shall see.

So everything is going well here. I am busy, but doing well. I just got over the "back to school" cold, but not after passing it to the family. Oh well. Hopefully I'll see everyone soon.

B-to-the-V-to the-D-to-the-B


  • What's the "B-to the V-to the -D to the-B" at the bottom? I don't get it. And you posted! Yay! Glad to hear that life in general is going well. Talk to you later

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At 6:36 PM  

  • oh brahmage
    i'm glad you updated, i know what your thinking, your thinking "now if only iara would get off her fat booty cushion and update herself" lol and yes i will update... i just have not felt the need to do so, but i promise i will update sometime this week. yup. ok well yeah. have a goodnight
    love 2 (squared)

    By Blogger Iara, At 9:14 PM  

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