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Sunday, February 18, 2007


Here I am, back on blogger. I was conviced by Steven and Iara that it could be fun to write on here again, so I decided to give it a go.

So far, this weekend has ended up being a recovery of sleep from all of last week. I landed in Winnipeg on Thursday at around 9 o'clock Manitoba time. My trip to Waterloo was awesome; I saw so many old friends, and got to re-connect with a lot of old aquaintances. I'm truly glad that I took this opportunity to go down and visit. Being back home has been nice in one way, and a let-down in another. I imagine that anyone who has ever come home from a great holiday knows what I mean.

Now, (Sunday) I am sitting at home, trying to catch up on a bit of schoolwork. Because I was gone early on in the semester, I am not actually left in the dust. However, I am still struggling with my mathematics and biology. Although I enjoy both subjects, it is a battle for me to understand them. This is true moreso for math than for biology. Unfortunately for me, my discipline seems to have fled, leaving me in a distracted and slightly bored state. Where has all my resolve gone? Why has my persistence seemingly left me? This weekend, I have found that I have no motivation for anything, be it my martial arts, school-work, or waking up. Hopefully getting some rest and exercise later will help me get back on track. Training for my MMA fight will undoubtedly help me to boost my discipline. The persistence and endurance it takes to train in MMA is comparable to any other active sport; the main difference is, in MMA, not just a trophy depends on your training: your health and physical well-being is also at stake.

I am truly excited for the opportunity I have been given in the martial arts; I have been held back one fight already, being informed that it was cancelled as I gloved up to go into the ring. Hopefully this time I will prove myself in the ring with precision and endurance. I think my greatest struggle in training for this fight will be the development of my technical skills; Muay Thai places so much emphasis on conditioning that my ground-game is unfortunately neglected. Much of my technical training will have to take place on my own time. Fortunately, I already have a background in traditional Jujitsu and Karate which I can rely on to carry my training.

As I previously mentioned, I am struggling motivationally with my education; I want to finish strong, but at the same time, I feel no enthusiasm for what I am studying. Arguably I could just let it slide this semester; however, this semester is really my last "kick-at-the-bucket." Society judges it's youth largely on how they finish their education. Those who do not finish, or finish poorly, are largely rejected by the upper levels of the social hierarchy, while those who finish well are viewed as assets. I firmly believe in education. I also struggle with it. I am going to give this semester my best shot, hands down. Prayers would be greatly appreciated as I get ready to finish this off.

Well, that's what is going on with me. I am going to try to post frequently about my training for my fight. All the best to you all this week.


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  • BRAHMIGE! HIYA! OMG you have updated for the first time in like FOREVER! WOOT this is exciting and calls for a round of upside down and backwards pickle juggling, using only ones bum. WOOT its good times i tell ya, ok well anyways i hope you keep updating, cause while i do talk to you like every night, its interesting to read your thoughts.
    love iara

    By Blogger Iara, At 4:41 PM  

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