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Monday, March 12, 2007

The Recent

As the fight game goes, there's been another change to the plan. The opponenet with whom I was to fight mixed martial arts was forced to withdraw from the competition due to an unexpected business trip. I was given three options: 1) fight an exhibition modified-muay-thai match with a guy from our Winnipeg branch, 2) do an MMA fight with MMA pro-fighter Lindsay Hawkes, or 3) fight a bareknuckle Kyokushinkan Karate fight. I opted for the third. I am looking forward to this fight. I do not expect to win; I just want to have a blast.


  • maybe this is a sign that you arnt suppose to fight MMA...perhaps maybe you are suppose to just stick to things like jujitsu and karate....anyways good luck and please stay in one piece
    love iara

    By Blogger Iara, At 1:16 PM  

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