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Sunday, October 22, 2006

The Life as of Late

Yes, like I mentioned in my comment, I would update. Here it is, the much awaited update from Brahm. I apologize for not updating more frequently this fall; I have been fairly busy and have therefore fallen behind in my blogging. However, I will now fill you in on the recent happenings here in the Manitoba.

Life out here has been, well, cold lately. We have had a decent bit of snow, along with ridiculous cold winds that sweep through the city from the prairies. The winds make for miserable bikerides to school, work, and kickboxing. (Yes, I am still on my bike, even in the snow.) I have come down with a nasty head cold, and have been disgustingly congested all weekend. Hopefully I heal up quickly; I do not want to fall behind in school. So far I have done fairly well academically in school, and I want to keep that up.

Generally life is going well, although the endless cycle of work, school, and martial arts is somewhat exhausting. The last few weeks have for some reason felt much more hectic than others, so this weekend was a nice chance to relax. I did not have to work on Saturday, so I slept in until past noon. That sure felt good. I woke up, checked my email, and did my usual morning routine. After that, the mom and I went to St. Vital's in Winnipeg to do some shopping. Good times had by all. It was nice to get a dose of the city life which I have been deprived of, as well as a good cup of Starbucks. I ended up coming away with two CDs: Queen, Greatest Hits, and U2, Best of 1980-1990. I enjoy listening to those kinds of "Best Of: whatever" anthologies: I feel that they give you a well rounded look at a band's work. Plus they go on great sales. I also made my first major clothing purchase ever: I got a new cordoroy coat by Fahrenheit. It is an awesome coat, which I have lovingly named "Sexy." Sexy the coat. Yup.

Aside from the above, life is continuing as normal. I am happy and thankful to be alive in every aspect, be it public school, new coat, or nasty cold, and am learning more and more every day. I hope everyone reading is having a fantastic fall, feel free to drop me a line and say "hi." I like getting emails and comments lol. Well, until nextime.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Late Night Rambling

I've noticed that I often write here on my blog only when my creative juices begin flowing late at night. Take now, for instance. It is quarter after eleven in the evening, and I have the urge just to write out my mind onto this blog. So here I am, writing under the influence of a cup of tea and "The Tragically Hip: Live Between Us." I guess it maybe takes some exhaustion to make me write without inhibition or apprehension.

Life is, to be perfectly honest, going surprisingly well. I am, for the most part, enjoying my classes. I have made a lot of new friends, and so far, thankfully, no enemies. I like my teachers, and I even find my classes somewhat interesting. My schedule is incredibly full; I am still working at Canadian Tire, and to a certain extent, I'm actually enjoying it. The store actually has an incredible amount of Christians there; it is not uncommon to see someone on break reading their Bible in the lunchroom. This strong Christian presence is a fascinating contrast to Kitchener-Waterloo. In one way it is a nice change; in another way, it makes it that much easier for one to take their Christian faith for granted.

I am still involved in and loving Muay Thai. As of September, I have been teaching the kid's classes basic Jujitsu grappling on Thursday nights. Thus far the classes have gone smoothly. The parents seem to like me, and, more importantly, so do the kids. They're a funny bunch. They range in age from four(?) to age twelve, so the classes have a fairly diverse group of ages. I am enjoying learning some new tricks and tips, although it is somewhat frustrating to have to change old habits that I don't necessarily want to change. I suppose the idea is to make the Muay Thai techniques second nature, just as it is with any other martial art.
(side note: would it be worth my while to start a second blog devoted solely to the martial arts? would any martial artists be interested in reading such a thing?)

Despite my terrifically busy schedule and many awesome activities with which to amuse myself, from time to time, I feel incredibly homesick. I miss everybody terribly, especially a certain pretty girl who I used to live nearby. I am hoping to come back soon, although I don't know exactly when. I will probably keep you updated about all developments.

Well that was my late night update. I think I've pretty much exhausted my creativity, so I will sign off here.