crazed ninjas anonymous

Sunday, March 18, 2007

The Fight

Last night was my much- anticipated fight. I fought a Kyokushin Kai Karate full contact fight against a student from the Guardian Dojo. The fight was bare knuckles. There was no grabbing or clinching allowed, and no punches or elbows to the face or head. Kicks and knees were allowed to the entire body. The long and short of it is that I got beated fair and square, but still went down fighting. It was an awesome experience. In the first round, I just barely dodged a good four spinning kicks aimed at my head. The crowd gasped every time I got away. I threw in the towel in between the second and third rounds, as I was having trouble breathing properly.
Although I lost, I had an amazing time, and learned so much. I am proud of my performance, and that I was able to hold my own against this older and more experienced martial artist. All in all, it was simply awesome.

Monday, March 12, 2007

The Recent

As the fight game goes, there's been another change to the plan. The opponenet with whom I was to fight mixed martial arts was forced to withdraw from the competition due to an unexpected business trip. I was given three options: 1) fight an exhibition modified-muay-thai match with a guy from our Winnipeg branch, 2) do an MMA fight with MMA pro-fighter Lindsay Hawkes, or 3) fight a bareknuckle Kyokushinkan Karate fight. I opted for the third. I am looking forward to this fight. I do not expect to win; I just want to have a blast.